Or how to "make a splash"

There is news among the news. Visible news, and unseen news! We live in a hyper-publicized society, in which any ordinary person, is exposed to a daily average of 1000 pieces of information! 
Without doubt, the journalistic activity is much more dynamic than it is perceived from the TV! A simple calculation of the production, research and development of an press release, reveals that a journalist has available less than a few hours to devise a story! Companies, governmental institutions and members of the public space have to cope with this "insane" cadence and communicate accordingly. Silence, in a time where everybody speaks, places you in the field of anonymity, or worse, creates suspicions, conflicting information and unfair comments about the work of the institution.
But not only the frequency of communication ensures a fair presentation of the company. Everything that is to be communicated must, indeed, have a real informative value. Informative value in terms of press means: social impact, novelty, surprise. A well-knited information is the subject of news / broadcast on the public agenda and generate discussion. In contrast, opacity and technical information are strong opponents in establishing friendly relationship with the media.
A good knowledge of the target audience, be it the specter of political, economic, public institutions, non-governmental organizations, is the step prior to determining the actions that a company needs. Whether we talk about crisis communication, managing press relations, brand consultancy, relations with the governmental or non-governmental areas, the quality of communicative acts must prevail.
It is very important that you are able to reach your public "on the ways of understanding!"
Dialogica Team