Celebrity PR
Day to day life in the spotlight

It is said that a celebrity's life is not easy, and celebrities know this best. 
Reaching the top is difficult, but it is just the beginning of the road. It’s there where the complicated part starts. 
Being a permanent topic of discussion, sometimes on issues that come to bother you, becoming a character whose personal privacy gets permanently invaded, represents a heavily withstand type of stress. 
The balance between public and private life comes to be essential in these conditions. It takes a lucid professional approach in order not to overpay for succes. 

Lack of privacy, but also situations in which a private act comes to be widely misinterpreted and commented by the public, can disturb the whole activity of the star. 
Celebrity PR is a complex industry, involving beside strategies for building public personality, the existence of a reliable partner in protecting privacy and avoiding personal attacks. 

Dialogica proposes the creation of a discreet and neutral bond between the celebrity and public & media, materialized in advising and media assistance for successful careers or in construction and promotion of yet unknown values.