Institutional PR
Flick-flacks on the balance beam, not sideways

Whether they like it or not, public institutions have the responsability, by their nature, to communicate in real time any information of public interest and to meet the deadlines stipulated by the law in public inquiries or questions from the media.
Institutional PR atmosphere involves weightily actors, activities with high social impact, sometimes unprecedented crisis.
Therefore, institutional PR is quite often like the flick-flacks on the balance beam, with not quite perfect landings!
Many times you can see unhappy journalists, either because they contact the press office and they don’t recive any answers at all, or because they receive the press release after the newspaper edition was closed, or even because they are running in vain for a brief statement from an official!
This tense atmosphere created between public administration and the media generates incorrect information and media pressure for the institution. And this tense atmosphere that underpins any good project undertaken by the institution is subject to extensive research by a press full of doubts and hidden suspicions. 

Dialogica offers a comprehensive set of measures appropriate to institutional communication. It aims speed, promptness and high informative value in communicating with the media and, consequently, with the citizens of Romania!