Punctual services
Media Relations

Journalist database selection: the selection will include journalists that cover the area of interests of the organization;
Establishing good working relationships with media representatives: organizing round tables with representatives of the media, organizing private meetings between organization leaders and journalists, exclusive interviews, supply public information to the journalists;
Preparation and organization of press conferences: setting the theme, transposing the theme into conference message, sending invitations to the media, identifying the conference agenda on public news, estimation of media questions, evaluation of the event impact in the media;
Increasing media participation at press events: conceiving interesting messages for the media, choosing favorable moments for the message release, involving journalists in public debate of the messages, provide illustrations for journalists;
Evaluation of questions and attacks from the media: conceiving a material that includes forecasts on possible questions of the press on the subject and on other subjects related to the organization’s activity, that are more sensible; 

Evaluation of press conferences and their public impact: quantitative / qualitative analysis of the press releases generated by the conference, evaluation of the media impact, evaluation of the subject’s rank in the public press agenda;
Conceiving and distributing press releases to the media: last minute messages, announcements on the organization's performance, transcription and distribution of the public speech held by the organization’s spokeman, etc; 

Press monitoring and alerts on subjects that require reaction: delivery of a report containing press issues of the day for the organization, quantitative and qualitative reports of these press issues, press monitoring, news alerts;
Press appearances of the representatives of the organization, institution, public person: selection of the tv shows, identification of the opportunities for participating in debates;
Media communication strategy: The strategy will include a series of organization’s rules and principles of cooperation with media representatives;
Advising people who represent the organization in relation with the media, in terms of message and techniques of dialogue with the media;