Planning and implementation

Who do we communicate to?
Determining the target audience
  • establishing target audiences, based on the key result indicators
  • setting priorities in addressing the target audiences, according to the expected benefits
What do we communicate?
Developing organization’s messages
  • developing key messages for the target audience, according to the study of affinity and competition analysis
  • defining the type of messages that should NOT be transmited
  • testing key messages on focus groups
What resources should we allocate?
Resource Analysis
  • money invested vs results acheived?
  • human resources availability
  • financial resources availability
  • resources that can be attracted (coop budgets)
  • strategic partnerships
  • risk analysis of financial resources availability in time
  • the impact of resources’ fluctuations on results indicators
How to communicate?
Establish communication channels
  • optimal channels for target audiences
  • minimum option, below which communication is sensless
  • media vs. direct marketing
  • methodology for obtaining feed-back
  • main channels and support channels
  • connecting communication plan to the existing resources
Elaboration of the work plan
  • setting the actions
  • setting the time schedule
  • establishing the persons involved and the responsibilities
  • defining milestones
  • budgeting
Risk scenarios
Risk Analysis
  • identifying potential risks for the company during campaign implementation
  • risk reduction scenarios
  • scenarios for responding to possible atacks
  • creation of the crisis cell and crisis management procedures
Monitoring campaign implementation
  • monitoring the implementation of the campaign plan
  • monitoring message distribution within the target audience
  • Monitoring the impact of the message - the target audience perception
  • monitoring competitors' reactions
  • monitoring results indicators
Adjusting the action plan as a result of monitoring
  • analysis and measures to be taken in case of the failure of the work plan
  • messages adjustment, if necessary
  • communication channels adjustments, if necessary
  • replanning of the budget during campaign implementation based on rentalbility
  • reducing / increasing the budget based on the key indicators