Political PR
I, the Citizen, need Politicians!

I need Politicians to explain me how they defend my interests and not those of any political party. I need Politicians who give me enough reasons to leave the house on the Sunday in question and put the stamp on my future.
I need Politicians who will not change their opinions faster than the Weather changes on Everest Peak.
I need Politicians who, through their policy, propose me a coherent model of society.
I, the Citizen, need politicians who make me proud to live in this country.
In fact, beyond the natural desires of each of us, the situation may become increasingly more dangerous for our society: the vote presence - a barometer of citizen involvement in social life, no matter what type of elections we're speak, is going down.
This means that voters no longer trouble themselves to exercise their constitutional right. Why? Perhaps because of television policy, the most important source of information for citizens, begins to glide into futility.
Or maybe the people are becoming more and more confused and there is a need to change the way politicians address the public.
Dialogica offers to the Romanian politicians a type of approach more oriented to the citizens expectations area, at both message and action level. Dialogica propose strategies for designing a political profile, strategies for increasing the public confidence in political actors, strategies to mobilize the electors at the vote, schemes to enhance the reputation and credibility of persons and political parties.