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Staff Training

Let assume that you're a public figure and that you have just finished a meeting of more than 4 hours, in which, let’s say that the unions have negotiated with you the conditions for terminating the strike. You lift your head towards the door, thinking about the issues discussed, slightly dissatisfied with their results. Open the door and ... surprise! Spotlights, cameras, microphones and many journalists asking questions. In the midst of discussions you have forgotten that the journalists are awaiting for the results negotiations ... How will you react?
The training program is for everyone who interacts, in one form or another, with the press.
The program aims to provide you with resources, techniques and methods by which you can build and manage relationships with the media, in situations more or less tense!
The purpose of the training program:
  • Understanding the mechanisms of the press
  • Improve the public discourse
  • Familiarization with the techniques of interaction with the press through training in quasi-real conditions